At Doug Frates Glass, creative expression means everything. Our work consistently transforms countless spaces in a way that expands the viewer’s perspective in a truly inspiring fashion.
Doug Frates was featured in Art Glass Today’s Top 60 Glass Artists In The World, so it’s safe to say that Doug’s avant-garde designs have had a profound impact on the glass art industry.
All of us at Doug Frates Glass understand the overall impact art can have, and that it’s within the public eye that our glass art can potentially resonate the most.
We take a lot of pride in the power of avant-garde creativity, and putting up any of our incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces will undoubtedly emanate a loving energy.

Our team is constantly manifesting the impossible in our studio, and we’re always assisting clients with bringing their own personal visions to fruition!

Our work ethic is unparalleled throughout the glass art industry, and this is partly because we are truly passionate about what we do each and every day.

Everything we do requires an enormous attention to detail, and our success is rooted in our unbridled abilities to keep pushing what’s possible within this age-old artistic practice.


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