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Look through our collections and explore our color option menus to the right.

Everything at Doug Frates Glass is customizable! Feel free to mix colors, patterns, textures and forms. We create what you imagine.



One of our newest and most popular designs have been the rosettes for wall expression.

Doug lets the glass do the work in order for the work to present itself in a natural state.



This collection grew out of Doug’s time spent among the Arizona city’s red sandstone formations and riverbed rocks found near what is one of his favorite places in the world.



This process is tenuous, highlighting Doug’s skill as he incorporates sterling silver with the glass.

A layer of silver is coated onto the exterior of the piece resulting in a shimmery, crackled, cloud that almost floats on the surface. Silvered pieces can be created in transparent or opaque colors; each has a black lip wrap and foot.